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Finding and Supporting

Your Passion

 The BAM ALLIANCE, 10/31/2019

Donating to a nonprofit organization is a wonderful

way to make a positive impact and taking the time to

research and vet these organizations can lead to

life-long partnerships between you and the charity.

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A Successful Small Business


Connie Brezik, 11/1/2019

As any small business owner knows, there’s a lot to

running a company. To be successful, writes Wealth

Advisor Connie Brezik, you’ll want to learn what you

need to know before you open your doors

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Living a Life Worthy of a

Legacy at Any Age

Tim Mauer, Director of Advisor Development 11/6/2019

Material wealth is not required to help, affirm and build

up others through an investment of time or influence.

Tim Maurer shares a poignant reminder that we don’t

have to wait on an estate to forge a legacy.

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