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Make life easier in 2020

Connie Brezik, Wealth Advisor, 1/16/2020

Got goals? Wealth Advisor Connie Brezik looks at a few

practical approaches to removing obstacles, solving

problems, and finding peace in 2020.

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Active Management’s Persistent

Failure to Persistently


Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer, 1/14/2020

Regardless of asset class or style focus, few active fund

managers consistently outperformed their peers. Larry

Swedroe surveys data from the latest SPIVA persistence


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The SECURE Act and

Student Loan Repayments: The

Gift of Options

Becca Craig, Associate Wealth Advisor, 2/4/2020

The SECURE act expands qualified education expenses

under the rules governing 529 college savings

plans that affect families saving for college

or paying off student loans.

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