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Cultivating an Abundance

Mindset, Even in Difficult Times

Becca Craig,Wealth Advisor, 6/29/2020

The self-care practice of cultivating an abundance

mindset can be particularly helpful in creating powerful,

positive momentum toward a sense of better financial

wellbeing, especially when coupled with a sound,

comprehensive, long-term financial plan.

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Reframing the Social Security

Claiming Decision for Married


Jeffrey Levine, Director of Advanced Planning,


Nobody wants to leave Social Security dollars on the table

because of a poor decision about when to begin taking

retirement benefits. Learn how married couples can

reframe their thinking around Social Security with this

wealth planning hack.

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Relief for Retirement

Account Owners

The BAM ALLIANCE,  8/4/2020

The U.S. Treasury Department and IRS have issued

guidance to clarify and, in some cases, expand provisions

of the CARES Act dealing with retirement accounts, their

owners, and their beneficiaries. Need to know more about

what the new rules mean for your 2020 RMD, IRA

rollover, or a Coronavirus-Related Distribution? Our

answers to some frequently asked questions can help.

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