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Financial Planning and Identity

Theft Prevention

Kent Schmidgall, Wealth Advisor,  07/09/2021

 Sssssnap!  That was the sound of the proverbial camel’s

back breaking in September 2017, after Equifax

announced a data breach that exposed the personal

information of an astounding 147 million people. A steady

drumbeat of data breaches had occurred prior to this

time, yet nothing of the magnitude and severity of

Equifax’s knockout punch.


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Your Home – and Financial – Edit

Connie Brezik, Wealth Advisor, 05/05/2021

Editing your things and financial papers can be liberating.

If you need help, solicit your children and grandchildren

to assist. Make this a fun project and a good way to spend

quality time with loved ones. They will appreciate you

doing this now, so they do not have to do it later.


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You Can’t Get Outperformance

Without Underperformance

Tim Maurer, Director of Advisor Development, 05/28/2021

Nobody minds market volatility when it’s in the upward direction. But recently we’ve gotten plenty of the type of volatility that we don’t like so much as investors, the kind that inspires headlines with words like “plunge” and that end with exclamation points.

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