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Turning a Saver Into a Spender

Connie Brezik, Wealth Advisor, 12/5/2019

Know a reluctant spender? Someone who sees it as part of

a proud lifestyle, a badge of honor? Wealth Advisor

Connie Brezik offers ways that even ardent savers can feel

more secure about spending money in retirement.

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Seven Essential Questions to Ask

Your Aging Parents

 Kathleen Longo, Flourish Wealth Management, 03/03/2016

Tough, but important, financial conversations. BAM

ALLIANCE member Kathleen Longo tackles seven

important questions to ask your aging parents.

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Parents: Don’t Sacrifice

Yourselves on The Altar of Your

Children’s Education

Tim Maurer, Director of

Advisor Development, 8/29/2017

Tim Maurer in Forbes on parent student loans.

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