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Money and Marriage:

The Financial Plan for

Marital Bliss

Kurt Wunderlich, Wealth Advisor, 8/8/2019

Marriage means saying “I do” to a shared financial

life. To help you and your future spouse get on

the same page about where you stand,

Associate Wealth Advisor Kurt Wunderlich

lays out what to cover in a frank and open

conversation regarding money.

This commentary originally appeared on on August 8, 2019.





Getting Back to the Basics by

Getting the Definitions Right

Doug Buchan, Wealth Advisor, 8/22/2019

The way that conventional wisdom treats stocks, bonds,

and the risk they entail can be problematic. Wealth

Advisor Doug Buchan explains why, in financial planning,

sometimes the almost right word simply won’t do.

This commentary originally appeared on on August 22, 2019.






Should You Worry About an

Inverted Yield Curve?

Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer, 8/20/2019

Do you think Warren Buffett is spending time worrying

about a yield curve inversion? Larry Swedrow

 explains why he suspects not, and offers some

reasons that you shouldn’t either.

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