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The Fear of Offending

Connie Brezik, Wealth Advisor, 9/3/2019

Wealth Advisor Connie Brezik offers some tools for

finding your voice and overcoming the fear of offending a

loved one when aging or diminished capacity make a

difficult financial conversation necessary.

This commentary originally appeared February 9 on










Are You a Hole-in-One Investor

or a Scratch Investor?

 Doug Buchan, Wealth Advisor,  9/16/2019

Any duffer on the course can hit a hole-in-one with

enough swings and enough luck. But, writes Wealth

Advisor Doug Buchan, being a scratch golfer – just like

being scratch investor – requires patience in the winning

strategy and the discipline to play your game.

This commentary originally appeared on on September 16, 2019.