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The Trouble with Convenience,

Kurt Wunderlich, Associate Wealth Advisor, 5/22/2019

Associate Wealth Advisor Kurt Wunderlich looks at

strategies for leveraging convenience in a way that

enhances, not diminishes, your financial life.

This commentary originally appeared on on May 22.






The Toll of New Trade

Tensions and Your Portfolio,

Kevin Grogan, Director of Investment Strategy, 5/21/2019

While resurgent trade tensions may have indeed roiled

markets, the prudent course of action remains to adhere

to your long-term financial plan.

This commentary originally appeared on on May 21.







What’s in a Fund Name?,

Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer, 6/4/2019

After reviewing a study on the composition of mutual

fund portfolios, Larry Swedroe concludes investors

cannot rely on an active fund’s name, or even its stated

objective, when seeking exposure to factor


This commentary originally appeared May 22 on