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Why Dismissing Social Security

in Your Retirement Plan

Is a Mistake

Jarrett Simpson, Wealth Advisor, 7/17/2019

Wealth Advisor, Jarrett Simpson looks at why retirement

savers who are too cynical about or ignore Social Security

are likely selling the program short.

This commentary originally appeared on on July 17, 2019.






How to Craft a More Fulfilling

Vacation Using Insight

from Business and Investing

Tim Maurer, Director of Advisor Development,  7/26/2019

Been there, done that on vacation? Get out of the

bubble, Tim Maurer writes, and organize a trip that

expands your mental, physical and spiritual horizons

through the  pursuit of adventure and acts of service.

This commentary originally appeared July 14 on






A Second Quarter Review

of 2019 ‘Sure Things’

Larry Swedroe, Chief Research Officer, 7/30/2019

In his latest quarterly review, Larry Swedroe tallies up

how 2019’s “sure thing” market and financial forecasts

have fared through the year’s halfway point.

This commentary originally appeared July 18 on